Try hot water bottle hot water with cervical spondylosis
Release date: [2021/9/18]  Read total of [315] times

       It is difficult to understand the feelings of cervical vertebrae patients! Neck pain, stiffness, nausea, like pregnant women, dizziness, suffering from high blood pressure, hand numb, arm numbness, memory loss, night night dreams ...

       Cervical pain is thermally applied with hot water bag, and there is a conservative treatment in the treatment of cervical spondylosis. It is the treatment and relief of cervical spondylosis through non-surgical treatment, especially for neck stiff pain. Because hot is applied, the skin vessel is entered by hot air. The blood circulation of the neck can be promoted to alleviate the stiff spasm of muscle. At usual should pay attention to don't work for a long time, it is best to take it in a while, turn the neck.

When using a  hot water bag, the skin will cause "low temperature burns" if the skin lasts for more than a minute or more in contact with nearly 60 ° C.

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