Hand is frozen, can we use a hot water bottle?
Release date: [2021/9/26]  Read total of [57] times

After the National Day weather is going to be cold, after the winter, everyone will freeze when there is an outside, so when we encounter a frostbite, can we use hot water bottle? Look at Xiaobian today, I will talk to you this topic.

Note: Hand is frozen, can not be applied with a hot water bottle

Because of the frostbite, local skin, subcutaneous tissue, necrosis and denaturation, the blood vessels below the skin will also be damaged, if the hot water bottle is performed, the patient is freezed not only, but the heat release will make the organization and blood vessels Damage is further aggravated. Therefore, after the frostbite, it is forbidden to apply it.

The hot water bottle is only suitable for chronic trauma swelling and muscle strain, chronic arthritis, etc. Patients with frozen injuries should do a good job of insulation measures in the frozen part to prevent it again. If the skin is not ulinished, it can be applied using frostbite cream. The skin has ulceration, which can be applied using Motod Star or cortical hormone. Severe frostbite, also need surgery.

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