Now young people love what style of warm water bag
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Silicone warm water bag. The cold weather in winter is too difficult to say for most people. Especially for sister paper that has never had a hot feet in winter, it will definitely feel deeply. Even if wearing is very thick, it is very cumbersome, but it can also feel "malicious" from winter. In this case, many people choose a silicone warm water bag for heating. It can be said that the silicone warm water bag is safe and easy to use and convenient handwritten artifacts. The following, Dongguan Weishun silica gel, take everyone, learn more.

Why is the silicone warm water bag so popular?

There are a lot in the warm handbag market. In terms of quality, it is also mixed, and even the counterfeit inferior products are prevailing. The warm water bag explosion makes people injured news, it is not very uncommon, and the warmth makes people feel the heart ~ So heating products must choose safety. reliable!

       1. The silicone warmer can avoid danger compared to traditional water-watering warm water bags. Multiple guardians, 100% security. Both have super high value, do your private portable "warm men" in winter!

       2, the thickness of the silicone warm water bag is higher than the ordinary warm water bag 1.5 times, the average wall thickness reaches 3mm or more, so the lock temperature is more outstanding.

       3, warm hands can warm 3 hours warm bed can last for 8 hours, so that you can enjoy the sun-like warmth. Can be directly injected into hot water heating hands, increase the water inlet, intake is more convenient!

Features of silicone warm water bag:

Silicone warm water bottles are used by infant grades. From the material choice, it also shows that the Silicone warm water bottles  is very rigorous. It is used in a more safe food-grade platinum silicone than other ordinary warm water bags, which is the same material for the baby's pacifier! Environmentally friendly health and non-toxic taste, so that the hand warm water is delicate and smooth, the texture is excellent, nor does it deform, rebound, warm and smooth, people do not release! Not only look good, it is more and more exquisite! Take it on the winter, you can carry it on the hand, you can bring your own hands, promote blood circulation, quickly thaw your hands, office learning is more flexible! So practical high-quality good objects are given to your girlfriend, when you don't have this warm water bag for you to warm her, more love than a "hot water", always make your girlfriend warm and warm heart .

Silicone warm water bag. Silicone warm water bags can make our winter are no longer cold, of course, must choose the silicone warmers produced by regular manufacturers. Such silicone warm water bag product quality is guaranteed. Everyone will be more secure, rest assured.

       Note: When using a hot water bottle, if the skin lasts for more than one minute, or when the temperature of nearly 60 ° C lasts for more than 5 minutes, it is possible to cause "low temperature burns". Low-temperature burns and hot water bottle heat dissipation efficiency, the market research statistics, the rubber hot water bottle reached 68.5%, PVC hot water sacks are more serious, and the hot water puce with more than 60 ° C in the surface takes 79.8%, burns The risk is significantly higher.

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