What problems will occur during the use of hot water bottles?
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       According to reports, the hot water bottle is used for a long time, because the skin is not sensitive to the external temperature, the portion of the hot water bottle is not changed for a long time, and it will find blisters, ie "low temperature burns" after waking up. "Low Temperature Bang" initially blisters will not hurt, but it is actually a depth damage, and it will be red and swollen, even infected. Therefore, the heat dissipation efficiency of the hot water bottle is essential. Tests showed that the low temperature burns of PVC hot water bottles was significantly higher than that of rubber hot water bottles.

       1. Will thehot water bottle explod? The material strength of the hot water bottle is too low, the water is overheated, too many, extruded by external force, the air is not exhausted, can cause the hot water bottle to explode. It is recommended not to put the boiled boiled water, and do not force the hot water bottle to force. If the hot water bottle is used in a very cold environment, while the water is overheating, it will be more dangerous.

       2, is there a poisonous odor of the hot water bottle? Many consumers will feel that there is a taste when using rubber or PVC hot water bag, because the rubber hot water bottle production process except for raw materials, calcium carbonate, white carbon black, sulfur, anti-aging agent, accelerator, etc. How much is some smell, in general, it will disappear after several times. A small amount of chlorine gas is released at normal temperature in normal temperature, which is relatively stable after the addition of the aid of a stabilizer. However, when the temperature is relatively high, the decomposition of PVC will increase, and the release of chlorine will increase, and the stabilizer has a certain inhibitory effect, but it is limited, and the general PVC temperature will be softened, more than 110 ° C, will It has become very unstable, decomposes speed, 150-160 ° C will melt. The PVC hot water bag is made of special processes, which will be stable, and the released chlorine is very small, and it is still soft and feel good. Don't put the hot boiling water when you use, a little cool, although it is not bad, but the smell will focus, and will affect the service life. And for a period of time, it is not related to the unstable part of the unlike, it does not affect the use. If the taste is more flavorful or used for three or four times, it indicates that the product additive exceeds the standard or no polymer monomer exceeds the standard, the volatilizable smell will happen to the human body.

        3, is there a hot water bottle with a pattern on the surface? At present, the hot water bag sold in the market is divided into two types of light surface and surface. This risk monitoring heat dissipation efficiency test results indicate that the surface of the hot water bottle is poor, after use It is not easy to cause skin burns. It is recommended to use a hot water bottle with pattern.

        4, is there a life of hot water? Both the rubber hot water bottle and PVC hot water bottle standard do not specify the use of hot water bottles, but in fact, polymer materials will agend the performance decline over time.

        5. Which is good about PVC hot water bags and rubber hot water bottles? Rubber and PVC are all polymers. However, the thermal conductivity of the PVC hot water bottle is superior to rubber hot water.

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