Topic column, development history about traditional hot water bottles
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Speaking of hot water bottles, in fact, China has already had a warm artifact likehot water bottles in the Tang Song Dynasty - heating furnace, also divided into smog, furnace, footplace! However, there were only courts and officials of the official.

The footplace is commonly known as Tang Pozi, it is a hot water bottles. It is larger than the hand furnace. It is a flat bottle made of tin or copper. Inside the water, the heat is mainly used to be used, which can be carried, it can also put it in the bed. .

Later, due to the popularity of plastic products, plus Tang Pozi is not easy, leading to most of the homes. Of course, I thought that the hot water bottle is the Chinese patent, then it is wrong! In fact, in the 17th century, Europe was filled with a ceramic vessel to fill hot water as a warm tool. So hot water bottles are called "Hot Water Bottle" in English, which is mainly in royal and nobles.

As the development, people no longer meet warm function and began to pursue a high value height. In the UK's Victorian era, Muff Hand Warmer was born, and the royal and noble Lady did not let go.

After the industrial revolution, the metal began a wide range of replacement pottery, and also brought the second spring of Tang Pozi. And this rubber hot water bottle is mainly used in medical treatment, and is called a hot fitting. Later, the world's top tire manufacturer's Italian Pirelli times endurance, using a series of advertisements to promote rubber hot water bottles into a fashionable lifestyle, which triggered a tide of hot water bags. This is a fashionable wind with the invasion of Western colonies, and it has been blown to the big Shanghai beach, sohot water bottles has opened a new era in China.

After liberation, the rubber hot water bottles is a must-have item for each household, until now, a wide variety of electric water bags are full of our lives.

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