Note: Chronic gastroenteritis is not hot in hot water bag
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Many chronic gastritis patients often complain stomachache, bloating, bloating, and use hot water bottle can have different degrees of relief, even some patients can conscious stomach and cool, suck the breath and stomach pain, stomach bloating, so some doctors and even some patients According to this, this is a spleen and stomach defency. In fact, this view is very uncomfortable. If you want to analyze it carefully, you have to talk about the pathological mechanism of the nature.

According to many years of clinical and research experience, the physician believes that the pathological mechanism of the gastric gangfang is under the following aspects:

1 Rong blood loss, stomach loss.

2 wet barrier, the stomach is warm.

3 cold Qingyang.

4 Blood stasis, the stomach loss is raised.

5 Yang Yu does not reach, the stomach is warm.

6.Phlegm coagulates, turbid and obstructs the stomach.

At the same time, it is considered that the height of the disease is cold or the symptoms of cold gastritis, and the symptoms of the cool stomach is intended to be described above, and the confirmation of the spleen and stomach deficiency is rare. Of course, the key to accurate dialectical is or is "watching the pulse, knowing what is reversed".

In addition, according to the motherland's medical theory, the stomach is a lot of blood, and its pathogenesis is more heat and empirical. Therefore, use hot water bottle to apply, or blindly use some health medicine for spleen and stomach deficiency. The bag is undoubtedly the fire on the fire. At the same time, there are research at home and abroad, first place the abdomen of 10 patients with ice bags, donead and endoscopic examination, 8 cases of stomach mucosa, gastric mucosa, gastric mucosa obviously congestion, use test It has been described above. Therefore, patients with chronic gastritis should not be applied with a hot water bottle, including some health care bags, should be used under the guidance of physicians.

According to the physiological characteristics and pathological characteristics of gastrointestinal tract, the physiological characteristics, the physiological characteristics, combined with many years of clinical experience, with anti-disease treatment, conditioning yin and yang, supporting evil spirits, nourishing yin and stomach, clearing heat Integer painful, nourishing the role of heart and kidney. Suitable for gastrointestinal diseases such as chronic superficial gastritis and chronic atrophic gastritis. For stomach pain, pill pain, bloating, stuffy, tall, ignorant, loss of appetite, and obeys significant efficacy.

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