What security measures have you been using when your heating product is used?
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After the winter, Jiangsu came to cool down, the friends around the small series, and colleagues took a pile of winter supplies. What hot water bottles, electric blankets, "small sun", warm baby ... simply five flowers. However, which measures are most "safe"?

1. Electric blanket, before using it "medical examination"!

Speaking of electric blankets, this thing is quite serious whether running electricity or fire, the consequences are quite serious, so before using it, you should make an individual test to the electric blanket.

First observe the surface of the electric blanket, look at it, if there is no problem, mold, whether the wire connection is aging, and after the problem is not issued, it can take the test heat.

Before putting the electric blanket, it should first put the electric blanket, plug in the power, let it heat up 20 to 30 minutes, then naturally cool; if there is a local abnormality in the energization process, it is likely to be a heating line knot Or the problem of cross, heating line break, etc., this electric blanket is not used.

Hot before going to bed, you have to "unplug" when you sleep!

In order to prevent the electric blanket heating temperature is too high, it is best not to be onto the thin blanket, which can not only take appropriate insulation, but also prevent burns. When energization, do not place a hot water bottle, handle furnace, etc. other heating attacks on the electric blanket. Heat the 20min electric blanket before sleeping, it must be removed when you want to sleep.

The electric blanket for more than 6 years must be replaced, it is easy to have a variety of safety hazards, or do not use it.

2. Hot water bottle, put it again in the nest!

Nowadays, the real use of "hot water bottles" is rare, basically all power-on electric water bottles. This electric hot water bottle is very powerful when charging, and in winter, there is also a hot water bottle explosion. We'd better buy warm water production in the formal channel when buying, and don't charge one side. Warm hand, don't be cheap to purchase the electrode type (the charging port has a hard object) hot water bottle, which is too safe to warm with electric wire.

When you put the warm water in the bed before you sleep, it is best to pack a layer of cloth to prevent burns.

3. Don't be too close to the small sun, let it stay away from flammable!

The little sun is also away from the electric heating. When using the small sun, it is best not to be too close to the small sun, prevent burns, when using the small sun in the bedroom, don't place some flammable items around it, such as quilts, somes, Books, etc.

The small sun cannot be used in the bathroom, and the small sun in the bathroom may cause short circuits, resulting in a long-term problem.

4. Warm baby can not directly post the skin!

Warm baby can say that it is very easy to use for women who love beauty. But the warm baby can't touch the skin directly, it is best to stick outside the warm underwear, I feel that it is too hot to change the position to prevent low temperature iron.

Before going to bed, when drinking wine, it is best not to use warm baby. In these cases of heat-sensing ability, the burn is very large.

Whether it is electric blanket, warm water bag, warm baby, and useful heating techniques are often accompanied by danger, there is no insurance for the most insurance, only when we pay attention, be careful, can get safe guaranteed while heating.

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