How do you know these features of a hot water bottle?
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Promote wound healing

In the hands of hot water bottle, it is hot in the hand. I just thought it was very comfortable, I took a few days, and the wound was completely healed.

The reason is because thermal thermal stimulating tissue regeneration and there is an increase in pain and strengthening tissue nutrients. When thermal acting on the wound of the body surface, a large slurry oozing increases, can assist in the purification of pathological products; heat The vasodilation, vascular permeability is enhanced, which is conducive to the discharge of tissue metabolites and the absorption of nutrients, inhibiting the development of inflammation, and promotes its healing.

Relief the pain

The knee pain is taken in the hot water bottle is hot, and the pain will be relieved. In fact, it can relieve joint pain, keep back pain, sciatic pain, dysmenorrhea (all of which is a cold certificate), put hot water bag in partial pain, 20 minutes each time, 1 ~ 2 times a day, can also obviously relieve pain; torsion, The subcutaneous hematoma caused by a contusion is 24 hours after injury, and it can promote subcutaneous congestion absorption.

Back cough

Winter is cold and cough, filled with hot water with hot water bottles, and the topical thin towel is well packaged, which is applied to the back to cold, and can stop coughing quickly. The back of the heat is allowed to accelerate the blood vessel dilation and blood circulation of the upper respiratory tract, trachea, lungs, and blood circulation to enhance the phagocytic ability of metabolism and leukocytes, and have a cough. This method is especially good for coughing in early colds.


When you sleep, put the hot water bottle in the back neck, you will feel gentle and comfortable, first hands hot, slowly feel warm, you can have a hypnosis, this method is also suitable for the treatment of cervical spondylosis and shoulder. In addition, in the beginning of breastitis, put the hot water bottle in partial pain, 2 times a day, 20 minutes each time, can promote blood circulation; intravenous infusion is not smooth,hot water bottle is hot, you can be smooth; long-term buttocks muscle injection of penicillin and Needle, muscle injection is partially easy to have to have a pain in red and swelling,hot water bottle is hot, can promote the drug absorption, prevent or eliminate hard gauges. The protruding portion on the hot water bottle can be smaller than the body contact area to reduce the heat release speed of the hot water bag.

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