Yuefeng manufacturers warm small tips: cold, give your baby warm this 3 things can't be done!
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What children are heating in the right way?

Don't let your child sleep with electric heating treasure


Although the electric heating treasure gives people convenience, it is warm and deep, but it also has some safety hazards. First, don't hold the electric heating treasure when you sleep, so as not to burn; Second, because different manufacturers produce different specifications, there may be dangerous water, leakage, and even explosion, these dangers will give users It is extremely big physical damage. Therefore, the parents will give their children during use, and the time should not be too long, and should not be heated while charging while using it, so that the risk factor will increase. Even if the children insist on sleeping electric heating treasures, we should take out the electric heater after the child is asleep, and the coefficient of danger of the child minimizes.


When the child is sleeping, the surrounding temperature is not too high.


The child is not too high in the indoor temperature when he is sleeping, otherwise the child will kick the quilt, so it is easy to appear cold and heat, thus causing a child to catch a cold. Therefore, parents do not recommend using electronic devices to improve indoor temperature because they are worried about being cold and long, not only affect children's health, but try to set up electronic devices, which will accelerate electronic devices to cause safety hazards.


Children's indoor chamber is not too big


In winter, usually there is air conditioning and other warm equipment, our parents are not worried that the child will be frozen in the room. When winter, the outdoor temperature is relatively low, if the child's warm measures are not good, this will make the temperature difference The difference is too large to catch a cold. In view of this situation, it is recommended that the indoor temperature is not too high to avoid getting sick.

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