What should we pay attention to when the hot water bottle is injected?
Release date: [2021/11/22]  Read total of [61] times

It's cold, is your hand feel cold? So ready for your warm tool, what should I pay attention to when using the hot water bottle?

The hot water bottle can not be filled with filled, and it is possible. Precautions for hot water bottles:

1, should not be able to boiling water, the hot water left around 90 degrees Celsius is just, so it can prevent rubber from aging in advance.

2, don't be too full, I am drowning 2/3 of the hot water bottle, then excludes the air in the bag, the plug is tightened.

3, after using it, you should pour the water, then blow some gas, to prevent the internal wall, hung up.

The hot water bottle is still available, and the hot water bottle is not one-time, he is a lot of recycling products. When we use the hot water bottle, we must master the temperature of hot water. If you can't be hot, then when you get in hot water, you should pay attention to your safety, prevent burns, hot water bags are a good product, which is very convenient. People's daily life.

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