Choose a warm product hot water bottle to pay attention to
Release date: [2021/11/22]  Read total of [64] times

There are many warm hot water bottles, PVC hot water bottles, rubber hot water bottles, electric water bottles, today's small editor, to give you a few points, we should pay attention to the material.

Fabric. At present, the fabric of electric hot water in the market has several PVC materials, silky materials and flood materials: PVC material is hard, easy to aging, strong, heat, heat, belonging to low-end materials; silky material is soft, firm High degree high, hot and hot, it is moderate to the middle end; the velvet material is comfortable, not hot after heating, strong, is the best fabric.

2. Type. At present, electric heating water in the market is divided into electric heating electric water sacks and electrode electric water sacks. The electrode electric heating bag is very unsafe, relying on the electrode heating, the internal solution is charged during heating, and the safety dependent temperature controller and human eye this electric water bag is actually prohibited. Electric wire and electricity are actually a principle, but it is only heated with such a medium that is more hot. Because the whole process is insulated, the temperature is controllable, so there is a lot of power than the electrode.

3. Power supply. When purchasing electric heating hot water bags, you have to look at whether its power cord is intact, then watch the power cord interface on the electric heating bag, or other security hazards, if there are three connections in the power cord interface. Metal tabs, three metal columns in the interface are not as long.

4. Brand. Now there are many types of electric water sacks, quality is not good, and they must go to formal shopping malls, supermarket purchase, picking factory name, production license, instructions, qualified certificates and other information more complete products.

Hot water bottles are using extremely frequent warm products in winter, but the material is not easy to choose to have a safety accident. When it is not only the role of it, it will become a "invisible killer" in winter. Therefore, Xiaobian recommends that everyone must choose a good hot water bottle when purchasing, and it is also a good protection for yourself and your family ~

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