Do you have a dysmenorrhea? Can dysmenorrhea use a hot water bottle to relieve?
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In the current life, many people are busy working or living, rarely spend time to maintain the body, not only this, but also some women will do some damage to health, such as over-diet, or I ate a lot of cold food before the menstruation, eventually leading to problems in physical health, such as dysmenorrhea. So can the hot water bottle can relieve pain when dysmenorrhea? I have learned before.

Can dysmenorrhea use hot water bottles?

  Can. Dysmenorrhea is a burst of pain, can promote blood circulation around the belly with a hot water bottle, which can be relatively reduced. Of course, this is just the standard of governance. To make the dysmenorrhea, everyday conditioning is required. Of course, don't just lying on the bed or sitting in the chair. Some stretching can be performed in an appropriate amount, not only can promote body blood activities or move attention. Simple deep arms, turn around, but remember that you must not exercise, otherwise it is to hurt.

First, due to different reasons, the dysmenorrhea needs to take different treatment improvement measures. If it is because of the dysmenorrhea caused by the gastrointestinal blood stasis, then the hot water bottle is a good improvement effect, but if it is other Diseases, endometriosis, uterine adenopathy, and light use hot water bags are unavailable to improve dysmenorrhea, and they need to take measures as early as possible to treat it.

Second, for the treatment of dysmenorrhea, if it is less serious dysmenorrhea, then try to perform emotional appease, adjust the psychological condition to eliminate concerns can effectively relieve the dysmenorrhea, if it is more serious, you can choose to use it. Drug treatment, more than oral contraceptives, can effectively improve the situation, but also bring a certain side effect to women's health.

Third, if you improve the dysmenorrhea, it is not only the need to rely on drugs. Dietary maintenance in life is also critical. For women who often have diligence, drink a warm brown sugar water after getting up every morning, not only can The body heating and taking it for a long time can also effectively improve your dysmenorrhea, menstruation, etc.

Finally, when our woman's dysmenorrhea is to pay attention to rest, it can only be relieved with hot water bags, pay attention to keep warm with hot water bags.

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