【Reminder】 Use the hot water bottle to be careful of low-temperature burns
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Entering December, the weather is getting colder and colder, and the prepared hot water bottle is used, so low-temperature scalds will inevitably occur when heating. Don’t think that small blisters will not be taken seriously. "Nightmare" too!

First of all, we understand what is a low-temperature scald?

Low-temperature burns can also be called low-temperature burns or low-temperature burns. It refers to the body's long-term exposure to a heat source with a temperature that is not too high, resulting in heat accumulation and causing burns to the skin and subcutaneous tissues at the contact site. It is a kind of burns from the superficial dermis to the deep dermis and subcutaneous Progressive damage to all layers of organization. It is generally believed that continuous contact with a 70°C heat source for 1 minute can cause damage to the entire epidermis, and a continuous contact with a 44°C heat source for 6 hours can cause irreversible damage to the basal cells of the skin. The temperature of low-temperature scalds is generally 44-51°C, and the degree of skin damage is positively correlated with temperature and contact time.

What are the characteristics of low-temperature scalds?

After the injury, blisters are often present and the lesions are limited. Clinically, they are often mistaken for superficial second-degree burns. The blisters are characterized by darker color and bloody blisters. The wound base is pale and feels dull or disappears. In severe cases, it can reach bones and form. A flask-shaped mouth with a small mouth and a large bottom often prolongs into chronic ulcers due to long-term treatment or improper treatment.

Note: When filling the hot water bottle, do not fill it too full, just fill it to about 70%. The water temperature is not easy to be too high. After filling the water, you need to exhaust the air in the bag, do not squeeze the hot water bottle, and pay attention to tighten the cover to prevent water from flowing out. It is best not to use a hot water bottle to keep warm for too long. If you want to put it under your feet when you sleep, it is best to wrap it with a cloth for heat insulation, or place it between two blankets, so that the hot water bottle does not directly touch the user's skin.

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