Does your hot water bottle do not have FDA certification?
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The hot water bottle is a bottle filled with hot water and sealing stop for warmth, typically, and in bed, and is also used to apply heat to the body.

Rubber products for reuse can be safely used in production, manufacturing, packaging, processing, preparation, processing, packaging, transportation or preservation of food, but must meet the FDA certification.

(1) Preparation of the natural and / or synthetic polymer and auxiliary material described by the rubber article from paragraph (c).

(II) Any substance of any substance used to produce the need to reuse the rubber article must exceed the number of reasonable requirements for the expected effect in the rubber product, and must not be used to achieve any effect in the food.

(3) The substances used to prepare rubber products include the following, but must comply with any restrictions:

1. It is generally considered to be safe for food or food packaging.

2. Substances used in accordance with pre-sanctions or approval.

3. FDA Certification The substances specified in Section 170 to 189 can be safe for rubber products, but must comply with this provision.

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