Why is the silicone hot water bottle popular?
Release date: [2021/12/28]  Read total of [123] times

There are a lot of warm handbags. In terms of quality, it is also mixed, and even the counterfeit inferior products are prevailing. The hot water bottle explosion makes people's injured news is not uncommon. I will make people feel that everyone will be safe and reliable. !

1. The silicone hot water bag can avoid danger compared to traditional water-watering warm water bags. Multiple guardians, 100% security. Both have high quality, do your private portable "warm men" in winter!

2, the thickness of the silicone hot water bottle is higher than the ordinary warm water bag 1.5 times, and the average wall thickness has reached more than 3mm, so the locking ability is more outstanding.

3, warm hands can warm 3 hours warm bed can last for 8 hours, so that you can enjoy the sunny warmth. Can be directly injected into hot water heating hands, increase the water, intake is more convenient!

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