Old hot water bags have smells need to be vigilant
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Recently, the weather has entered the "three nine" hours of singing: 1929 will not shoot, three nine or nine ice, talking is very cold, the family needs warm water tools, holding warm  hot water bottle, time long time The old hot water bottle is smell, and it is uncomfortable, then this taste is there hurt the human body? Don't worry, let Xiaobian will tell you.

The new hot water bottle is normal.

Many consumers feel that there is a rubber hot water bottle or PVC hot water bottle, it is a rubber hot water bottle, which has added calcium carbonate, white carbon black, sulfur, anti-aging agent in the production process of rubber hot water bag. , Accelerators, etc., how many smells are, in general, will disappear after several times. The new hot water bottle has a normal smell and does not have toxic violations of the human body.

Old hot water bags have smells need to be vigilant

If the hot water bottle flavor is more pungent or used three or four times, the rubber flavor and plastic taste are still heavy, then the product hot water bottle additive exceeds the standard or no polymer monomer exceeds the standard, this situation, the smell of the hot water bottle will happen to the human body . So, if you encounter such an old hot water bottle, don't use it again.

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