PVC hot water bag and rubber hot water bottle are not large
Release date: [2022/1/10]  Read total of [206] times

There is no one is absolutely good between the PVC hot water bottle and the rubber hot water bag, each has its own benefits, and there is a difference, in fact, the rubber and PVC are polymers. As long as it is a qualified product that has no effect on the human body.

PVC hot water bottle strength is generally lower than the rubber hot water bottle, which greatly causes explosion or leakage after being squeezed, but the medical grade PVC standard will be higher, and this is also a more production process has a certain relationship.

The rubber hot water bottle is better than the PVC hot water bottle, but the rubber may sometimes have a significant taste. Many times, the hot water bottle is not suitable for children.

Finally, Xiao Edo said that choosing a good hot water bottle is good for yourself, which can effectively avoid the symptoms of skin allergies.

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