Will the charging hot water bottle can explode?
Release date: [2022/1/19]  Read total of [86] times

As long as there is no failure in the hot water bottle, it usually does not explode. The thermal water bag will have a certain degree of expansion during charging, because the gas inside the hot water bottle can be excluded by the exhaust hole to reduce the degree of expansion. If the electric hot water bag is extremely powerful, it will not automatically power off, and a larger rate represents the automatic disconnecting function of the hot water bottle has failed. It is recommended not to use it anymore, otherwise it is likely that an explosion will occur.

The heating method of the electric hot water bottle can generally be divided into two types: electric wire hot water bag and electrode hot water bag. Among them, the electrode hot water bottle is the type of hot water bottle that is most likely to explode, because the electrode is very prone to rust, and when the rust end into the solution in the electric heating bag, the resistance of the solution will cause the electrical resistance to decrease, and ultimately result in power and The temperature has a certain degree of increase. But this time, if the thermostat of the electric hot water bag is also out of spirit, it is likely to cause an explosion.

Since the hot water bottle is still a security hidden article, it is also necessary to choose 3C certification and product certification, which can reduce the incidence of accidents to a certain extent, and it will be more secure.

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