Don't underestimate it! , Small hot water bottle
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Don't smash small hot water bags, mention the hot water bottle people seem to feel that this thing is outdated, the hot water bottle not only protects the protection, but also get some old shorthavs.

Back cough

The hot water bottle is filled with hot water, and the external thin towel or cloth is applied to the back, and the blood vessels of the respiratory tract, trachea, lungs, and blood circulation can accelerate.

This is mainly because the back of the bladder is the end of the owner, and the exterior evil is invaded, it is cold, fever, nasal congestion; while the mains of the Director, once the invasion, the yang is weak, the resistance is low.

It is often possible to use hot water bags, which can make the bladder and the martial arts, which are beneficial to cough, treatment, and resistance.


There is sleeping points in the neck, living insomnia, dizziness. Place the hot water bottle in the back neck before going to bed, it feels gentle and comfortable, first hands hot, slowly feel warm, can play a hypnosis.

In addition, it can also serve the neck with a hot water bag to act to the big vertebra, so there is also a good effect on treating cervical spondylosis.

relief the pain

After 24 hours of injury, the swelling begins to gradually improve, hot water bottle is hot, about 20 minutes each time, 1 to 2 times a day, can effectively promote blood circulation, accelerate the absorption of congestion and exudate, and play The role of cold, blood circulation, and mitigate local swelling.

Assisted treatment of prostatitis

Prostatitis is a common disease for male reproductive systems, and men in men over 35% to 40% over 35 years old.

The treatment of prostatitis should be standardized. Patients should listen to the proposal of specialists, the simplest, practical method is "hot water bath", but the bath is a bit inconvenient.

It is recommended to take another method to sandwich a hot water bottle for 10-20 minutes, making the treatment easier. The time with a hot water bottle is separated. It is not too long, and it cannot exceed 30 minutes.


It is the ordinary hot water bottle with a warm autumn clothing in the position of the lumbosis, and the outer clothes should be packed, and then the back is relying on the mat (strengthen the influence of the hot water bag on the waist), after warmer, Sleeping at night, I will find that the tinnitus caught in the ear every day.

This is because the heat is concentrated in the back waist, the heat penetrates into the kidney procurement, the eight-hole, the gates, etc.

Alleviate diarrhea

For abdominal pain, diarrhea caused by cool, can use simple therapy of hot gods. Applying hot water bottles on the Shenque愀, you can also apply a gate point (four horizontal refers to the umbilicus), with the effect of dehydrating cold and warm spleen and kidney.

Note: The hot water bottle is safe, and the water temperature in the hot water bottle should not be too high, which is generally comfortable with the skin. It is also important to choose a good hot water bottle. You can take a look at the hot water bottle produced by Moon manufacturers.

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