Is the PVC hot water bottle water injection mode correct?
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It is also important to use hot water bottles to use hot water bottles. Xiaobian teaches you to properly give PVC hot water bottles.

1. Measure the water temperature with a water temperature meter, generally 60 to 70 ° C.

2. Infoil hot water into the hot water bottle, 1/2 or 2/3.

3. Place the hot water bag flat, drive it in the bag, tighten the hot water bottle plug and dry.

4. Pour the hot water bottle, check if there is no water leak (without leakage), load the bag, tighten the socket, put it on the desired part.

5. When the hot water bottle is not in use, the water is dried, and the drout is dried. After blowing into the air, tighten the plug, and put the cool place.

6. Take the hot water bottle set, clean, dry and ready.

Winter PVC hot water bag warm effect is not very good, add a little salt to try it.

Using a PVC hot water bottle, simply add a certain salt in hot water can increase the heat preservation effect and time of the hot water bag. It is to be reminded that the salt concentration is large, the better the heat preservation, but the salt water has solubility, and it is not necessary. Each time you use a hot water bottle, you only need to heat the brine, reuse it, or reach the insulation effect.

The principle is that after adding salting in hot water, the density of water will rise, and the salt water is larger than the water, and the salt water is slower than water. Therefore, the hot water bottle insulation effect and time is better. However, it is possible to mention that the salt water is solubilized, the larger the saline concentration, the better the heat preservation, and only a small amount of salt is not obvious in hot water. Moreover, each hot water is added to the salt, so the PVC hot water bottle will only heat the saline, reuse, and reach the insulation effect.

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