ntroduction to cold water sack
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What is a cold water sack, Xiaobian is a brief introduction to you,

The cold water sack is used in imported environmentally friendly PVC raw materials, actively introducing advanced production technology at home and abroad, and each product has passed air pressure test to ensure product quality.

  When the hot water bottle is injected, the monthly refrigerated hot water bottle can maintain a constant temperature, explosion-proof anti-pressure, dripping water, double-sided temperature, novel, color, uniform heat, provide a comfortable temperature! Summer a lot of fitness people's favorite, that is our cold hot water bottle! When the gym is crazy and iron sweat, the muscles are highly tight, and the hot water bottle is mostly relaxed in the muscles!

  Moreover, the treatment of acute soft tissue damage is standard cold compression therapy with cold water sack! For example, when the patient is sprained or straamed, the doctor will apply ice as part of the treatment plan. Clinical studies have found that intra-injured parts can be 5 to 15 minutes, which can reduce the epidermis temperature to 13 ° C, which can affect the nerve of the damaged site, slow down the pain signal, thereby relieve pain. Of course, it is also possible to play a role from another way, and animal experiments show that the use of ice applications can alleviate inflammation generated after injury. Chris Bleakley, a sports medical researcher in Alst University, Northern Ireland, said this method can reduce the activity of the in vivo system, reducing the number of white blood cells transferred to the injury. After intense exercise, there is a large-area muscle fiber and soft tissue strain, full body ice, or fast cooling can slow down the passage of the pain signal, or make the temperature of the soft tissue low enough to alleviate inflammation!

After listening to the introduction of Xiaobian, I believe that everyone will have a new cognition of cold water sack.

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