How was the hot water bottle invented?
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The warm things that the ancient Chinese put in the quilt are also more sophisticated. Because the main purpose is to warm the feet, they are called "foot stoves". This is a flat copper or tin bottle filled with hot water that can be placed under a quilt to warm your feet, similar to a modern hot water bottle.

There are also many other names for the foot stove, such as the foot woman, the warm foot bottle, the soup woman and the soup woman. The name of Madam Tang is very interesting, and it began in the Song Dynasty. Ancient people liked to give anthropomorphic names to some common utensils.

Since the beginning of human beings, protection from the cold has been an indispensable part of survival. When people live in houses and have beds and quilts, they begin to try to put things in the quilt to keep warm. Three hundred years ago, some people in France used hot water in iron bottles to warm their feet. Some people use stones as containers to warm their feet with water, and the effect can be imagined. In the 17th century, Europeans used pottery utensils to fill hot water as a thermal tool, so the hot water bottle was called "Hot Water Bottle" in English, which mainly appeared in the royal family and aristocracy at that time.

After the Age of Navigation, Europe had a large number of colonies rich in rubber, and the rubber trade continued. This lightweight and inexpensive material quickly became the raw material for hot water bottles. In 1903, a Croatian engineer invented and patented the first rubber hot water bottle. Until now, the technology of rubber hot water bottle is still used, which can be described as timeless.

The engineer, Eduard Penkala, was born in 1871 and died in 1922. Although he is not famous, he is a veritable inventor. In addition to the hot water bottle, he has more than 80 invention patents, including the mechanical pencil, the prototype of the mechanical pencil, and a fountain pen that uses solid ink - so he is also a passer-by in the birth of the ballpoint pen. His joint venture pen factory is said to still exist today. Among other things, he started a chemical manufacturing company, invented a detergent and an anode battery. He even ventured into aviation, being the designer and maker of Croatia's first monoplane. Of course, the rubber hot water bottle was definitely the company's most important invention.

At first, rubber hot water bottles were a medical resource and were mainly used for hot compresses. It was Italian tire maker Pirelli who promoted the hot water bottle to the civilian sector. Does this name look familiar? Yes, the Chinese translation is Pirelli, the long-term sponsor of Serie A Inter Milan. It promoted the rubber hot water bottle as a fashionable way of life, which quickly caused a craze.

When the hot water bottle entered China, the first stop was of course Shanghai, the No. 1 city in the Far East. At that time, global brand products could be seen in Shanghai. Hollywood movies would definitely land in Shanghai within a month of their release in the United States. Hot water bottles were also introduced to Shanghai as part of Western-style life. After 1949, rubber hot water bags entered thousands of households and became a must-have for every household.

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