Popularity: When should a hot water bottle be iced and when should it be heated
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Heat compress is a common treatment method in physiotherapy, which is to use hot objects such as hot water bottle or hot towel on the painful area to eliminate or relieve pain, which is an ancient heat compress therapy. It can dilate local capillaries, accelerate blood circulation, reduce inflammation, reduce swelling, dispel cold and dampness, relieve pain and eliminate fatigue.

Cold compress and hot compress are emergency treatment methods for different situations, and the correct method needs to be carried out according to the actual situation.

If you encounter an early injury, you can use a cold compress and a hot water bag for cold compress, which can shrink capillaries, reduce blood circulation in the injured area, control bleeding, and cold compress can also relieve the symptoms of wound pain. Cold compresses are generally taken within 24 hours of the wound and can be effective.

For hot compress, it is usually a measure taken after 24 hours of injury. You can use a hot towel or hot water bottle, and apply it to the wound, which can promote blood circulation and help the wound heal. Hot compresses are generally taken 24 hours after the wound occurs, not only to promote blood circulation, but also to relieve abdominal pain and discomfort, or to catch cold. Regardless of whether it is hot or cold, do not apply an ice pack or a hot water bottle directly to the contact area, and wrap it with a towel before applying it externally.

Precautions when using a hot water bottle:

1. When applying hot compress, it is not the hotter the better, as long as there is a warm feeling, the temperature should be 42~45 degrees.

2. Do not press on the heat pack.

3. It is not advisable to do too many movements during the hot compress treatment.

4, can not sleep.

5. If you feel dizziness or discomfort during treatment, stop treatment.

6. The hot compress is generally not more than 20 minutes.

7. After the hot compress, rest for 10 minutes before moving.

When applying cold compresses, keep in mind that normal ice compresses should not exceed 10 minutes. For more serious injuries, 10 minutes of ice is not enough, but we can use ice every 2 hours to control symptoms.

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