Which materials are there in a common hot water bottle?
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The warm water bag is contemplated, refers to a hot water bottle. Hot water bottles are warmer and more beneficial to health. When heating with a hot water bottle, with its temperature gradually decline, the body itself needs to continue to generate more heat to maintain temperature to effectively improve the human body to cold resistance. Moreover, the temperature is substantially constant by the inner nest, and the human moisture, and the excessive loss of the salt in the sleep are also avoided.

The material of the hot water bottle has many kinds, electric hot water bottles and water water bags. The electric hot water bag can be divided into electric heating wire type, electric heating tube, electrode type (have been prohibited from producing production). hot water bottles can be divided into PVC, rubber, silica gel.

The hot water bottle is now relatively:

1, rubber is the easiest aging, usually used in about 2 years, will be hardened, and there is a odor, and now it is basically eliminated.

2, PVC, currently the most common hot water bottle materials, advantages: durable, small odor, so mainstream use this material, "

3, silica gel, comfortable materials, Q bombs, while the odor is also small, high safety, high temperature, the disadvantage is that his position is small, easy to tear, the price is also expensive, so it is not suitable for large The hot water bottle is currently the trumpet.

Place the hot water bottle on the foot and the heating effect is better. Medical research shows that people's two feet are far from the heart, and the blood supply is less, and the fat layer is thin and the local temperature is often low. And the foot is the starting point of the three yin and the Sanyang. It is closely related to the scriptures of the whole body. If you sleep in the foot, you can warm the foot meridians, promote blood circulation, so that heat arrives The whole body is all.

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