The hot water bottle is of service life
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The rubberhot water bottle does not specify the use of the use of hot water bottles, but in fact, high molecular materials will agend the performance decline in performance over time temperature. If there is an old flower phenomenon, it should be discarded immediately to prevent the safety accident caused by overhead delivery.

Hot water bottle use tips:

1. Can not be filled with hot water bags, do not exceed two-thirds of its rated capacity, while filled with air in the bag and check the sealing of the plug.

2, the water temperature of the hot-filled water bag should not be too high, generally around 80 to 90 ° C, should not be contacted with acid, base, grease substance.

3. Be careful before use whether the hot water bottle used is aging and the thickness of the bag. Once the above changes, it should be discarded to prevent overchair.

4, it is best to put a sleeve in the hot water bag cover, which can play a corresponding protective effect, and should not have a heavy pressure and tools to puncture hot water bags.

5. For hot water bottle products, the price of hot water bags should be improved, don't be cheap, prevent purchase of inferior products, and should retain consumption credentials (it is best to keep invoices).

6. Storage hot water bag should be inserted into water in the bag and store it flat and stored in a cool dry place.

7. The hot water bottle should be left away from infants and young children.

8. It is used within three years in the production date, and the used hot water bag is no longer used in the past years.

9. The surface is not easy to cause skin burns after the surface of the hot water bottle is used. Experts suggest that the surface of the surface with patterned hot water bottles.

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