About the small secret of the hot water bottle
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The hot water bottle is widely used in winter life heating. At present, the more common in the market is rubber hot water bag and PVC hot water bag. Over the past, the explosion of hot water bottle products has been reported, and it has gradually become the focus of attention of ordinary people. So is the hot water bottle safe? I take these questions to discuss the domestic hot water bags on the market and the HUGO brand hot water bag imported from Germany.

Is there a hot water bottle on the surface?

The commercially available hot water bottle is divided into two types of light surface and the surface of the pattern. The test results of the risk monitoring heat dissipation efficiency indicate that the heat dissipation effect of the hot water bag with patterns on the surface is more balanced, and it is not easy to cause skin burns after use. Experts recommend using hot water bags on the surface to effectively prevent skin burns caused by hot water bags for too long.

How long is the service life of the hot water bottle?

Neither the standard for the rubber hot water bottle and the PVC hot water bag does not specify the use of the hot water bottle, but in fact, the polymer material will be aging over time temperature and causes the performance to decline. Ordinary domestic hot water bags need to be used within 3 years of production, and the hot water bottle used is no longer used the next year. Because of its high -quality material, the German HUGO hot water bottle can achieve the service life of nearly 5 years. Most of the domestic hot water bags have only passed the certification of domestic testing companies, and the quality is uneven. Consumers should pay attention to buying a hot water bag, try to choose the hot water bag brand that has passed the international TUV quality certification, and the hot water bottle warm jacket needs to obtain the "Global Organic Textile Standard Certification".

Tips for using hot water bottle

1. Do not charge too much when using the hot water bottle to fill the water. Do not exceed two -thirds of its rated capacity. At the same time, the air in the bag should be discharged and the sealing of the plug should be checked.

2. The water temperature of the water bottle should not be too high. Generally, it is about 80-90 ° C. It is not advisable to contact acid, alkali, and oil.

3. Before use, you should pay attention to whether the hot water bottle used is aging and changes in the thickness of the bag body. Once there is a change in the above, it should be discarded to prevent oversized service.

4. When using it, it is best to put on the hot water bag body.

5. For hot water bottle products with too low prices, we should be alert. Do not be cheap to prevent the purchase of inferior products. At the same time, consumption vouchers should be retained (it is best to keep invoices).

6. When storing the hot water bottle, you should pour water in the bag and place it flat and store in a cool and dry place.

7. Infants and young children should use a special small hot water bag, and the water temperature should be controlled below 60 ° C.

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