Which products of warm winter are more dangerous
Release date: [2022/5/16]  Read total of [42] times

I believe that many friends are the same as Xiaobian. As soon as winter, there will be cold hands and feet. There are many ways to alleviate the cold hands and feet. For example, ahot water bottle can be solved, but there will be many accidents in the process of heating. What products are warm winter. What about dangerous items? Let's take a look together.

Warm Winter Dangerous Item NO1: Electric Heating Water Bag

Many people will hold a hot water bottle in winter, and the old -fashioned hot water bottle is gradually eliminated. Instead, it is replaced by the electric water bag used for charging. However, the safety of this product is worrying, and the news of the explosion of electric water bags is endless. The electric heating water bottle on the market is mainly divided into two types, one is electrode, one is an electrical wire, and the two appearances look the same, but there is actually a big difference. The electrode -type hot water bottle and unsafe. During the heating process, the internal solution is charged, and the safety only depends on the external thermostat and human eye. Electric heating wire hot water bottle heated is very hot than heat, and the whole process is insulated and the temperature is controllable, so it is much safer than the electrode.

Warm Winter Dangerous Item NO2: Electric Blade

People who have no other half -warm quilt will buy electric blankets, but there is news that electric blankets will cause infertility. Is this true? Electric blankets can let you enter the dream town warmly, but there are many side effects. For example, after using the electric blanket all night to wake up, it is dry, such as worrying that radiation will cause infertility, such as fire hazards.

For men, there is actually no evidence that the radiation of electric blankets will cause infertility. However, it is definitely not good for men to sleep for a long time to sleep with electric blankets. The reason is that the study shows that when the testicles are about 4 ° C of the normal body temperature of the body, it is most conducive to the production of sperm. Therefore, the use of electric blankets for a long time, the testicular temperature is too high, which will directly lead to a decline in sperm quality.

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