How to choose the electric water bottle on the market
Release date: [2022/5/30]  Read total of [65] times

The electric heating bag is currently divided into two types: electrode and electric wire. There are many brands in the electric  hot water bottle industry, and the quality of the product is uneven. Consumers always face choice problems when buying. How should we choose for electric  hot water bottle?

Experts remind "a look at two years and three years change"

At present, the electric  hot water bottle products on the market are mixed with fish and dragons. So, how can I buy relatively safe electric heating wire heating bags?

Master Chen, who opened an electrical repair shop in Qingliangxin Village, has a set of practical experience. He told reporters that "touch with your hands" can find the structure in the electric heating treasure. Since two electrodes are inserted in the liquid in the electrode -type electric heater, consumers can touch the structure in the bag. I feel that there are two fingers in the tube of the fingers, which are the two electrodes of the electrode -type warm bag; There is a large plastic coil or a U -shaped or arc -shaped tube, which should be an electric heating bag.

Remind everyone: Buy such electric heating products, it is best to buy it in a regular large shopping mall. Do not blindly pursue low prices. Take a closer look at your eyes. Whether key information such as brand, manufacturer, use instructions, detailed factories and contact information of the product is complete, and whether there is a 3C mandatory product certification sign; in addition, you must keep it from it when charging. Use it later. The usage cycle of general charging electronic products is two or three years, so even if it is written with "explosion -proof", it is recommended that citizens have replaced the purchase after two or three years.

In case, when buying a warm water bottle in the supermarket, you must pay attention to keep the small tickets. In case of leakage, not charging, or even explosion injury, you can use the evidence of small tickets to refund and investigate the liability for compensation.

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