What water is in the hot water bottle and how it is filled!
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Just put hot water in a regular hot water bottle. The liquid in the hot water bottle is sodiumacetate (CH3COONa), which is a supersaturated solution. Supersaturated solution is under a certain temperature and pressure, when the solute concentration in the solution has exceeded the solute solubility under the temperature and pressure, but the solute still does not precipitation phenomenon is called supersaturation phenomenon. The liquid inside the hand warmers is this liquid, some people say water, but it's not water, it's a solution.

Do not fill the hot water bottle. Fill it two-thirds full. Precautions for use of hot water bottles:

1, not boiling water, 90 degrees Celsius hot water just, so that can prevent rubber aging in advance.

2. Don't fill it too full, fill it 2/3 of the hot water bottle, then remove the air in the bag, and tighten the plug.

3, after use to pour out the water, and then blow some air, to prevent the wall adhesion, upside down hanging up.

Tips: When using hot water bottles, we should keep the temperature moderate to avoid low-temperature scalds. We also need to pay attention to the inspection of hot water bags at ordinary times to avoid causing water leakage and scalds.

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