The hot water bottle is only used to warm hands? Don't forget these five magic tricks!
Release date: [2022/6/14]  Read total of [34] times

I think, in your cognition, the hot water bottle must send warmth when our hands and feet are cold, help us drive away the cold, and get warm through the cold winter, so you know? There are still many wonderful uses for hot water bottles. Today, I will show you the magic of hot water bottles.

1. Care for the abdomen

As mentioned earlier, applying a hot water bottle on the back can relieve a cold and cough, and applying a hot water bag on the stomach can also help warm the body and relieve a cold and relieve cough. Once the human body is exposed to exogenous pathogens, there will be fever and aversion to cold. Applying a hot water bag to the stomach can help the bladder meridian to function normally.

It can promote gastrointestinal digestion, improve the symptoms of upset stomach, mainly to improve digestive function. It can also promote local blood circulation, dispel cold, activate blood and remove stasis. When women come to menstruation, it can help women reduce pain. Therefore, women who are menstruating can prepare a hot water bottle to better care for your fragile abdomen.

2. Pass through the meridians

In traditional Chinese medicine massage, there has always been a massage method of hot compress. Hot compress on specific acupoints can improve discomfort. There are 6 meridians of the spleen meridian, liver meridian, kidney meridian, stomach meridian, gallbladder meridian and bladder meridian on the feet, more than 60 Acupuncture points, hot compress feet can also dredge the meridians, activate the acupoints and finally achieve the effect of warming up the body. You can also use hot water for feet, which can also achieve certain effects. If the hot water bottle is too hot, consider wrapping a towel on the outside to reduce direct contact.

3. Pain relief

When we watch movies, we often see that after the protagonist is injured, he will apply a hot egg to the wound or bruise. This is the reason. After an accidental injury, there may be local swelling. After 24 hours of injury, when the swelling begins to gradually improve, apply a hot water bag to the local pain for about 20 minutes each time, 1-2 times a day, which can effectively promote blood circulation, accelerate congestion and The absorption of exudate can warm meridians, dispel cold, activate blood and dredge collaterals, and relieve local swelling and pain. Not only a hot water bottle, but also boiled eggs, hot towels, etc. can have the same effect.

Four, neck hypnosis

What if you feel uncomfortable in your neck while looking at the computer for a long time? Then hot compress can bring good curative effect. There is an Anmian point on the neck, which is mainly used for insomnia and dizziness. We can consider putting the hot water bottle on the back of the neck before going to bed, it will feel mild and comfortable, the hands will get warm first, and then the feet will also feel warm, which can play a hypnotic effect.

Five, apply back cough

This is not limited to hot water bottles. If you have a constant cough, consider using a towel, including a hot water bottle, on your back when you are at home. The advantage of this is that the blood vessels in the respiratory tract, trachea, lung and other parts can be dilated and blood circulation can be accelerated. The Lung acupoints on the back have the function of treating lung-qi stagnation. Therefore, using a hot water bag on the back can not only make the bladder meridian and Du meridian function normally, but also make the lung acupoints operate, which is helpful for relieving cough, curing colds and improving resistance.

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