Which is better between pvc hot water bottle and rubber hot water bottle
Release date: [2022/6/22]  Read total of [40] times

The prototype of the hot water bag in China was previously commonly known as "Tang Pozi". After some transformation and development, the closest prototype was the medical thermal insulation bag of the last century, which was subsequently transformed by European and American countries into the current plastic-shaped hot water bag, and then various Hot water bottle in various colors and coats.

So there are many types of hot water bags on the market. Which one is better between medical grade PVC hot water bottle and rubber hot water bottle?

There is no absolute good between medical grade PVC hot water bottle and rubber hot water bottle. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

However, the strength of PVC hot water bottle is generally lower than that of rubber hot water bags. After being squeezed, it will cause explosion or water leakage to a large extent, but the standard of medical-grade PVC will be higher, which is also related to the production process.

Rubber hot water bottles have better heat resistance than PVC, however, rubber may sometimes have a strong smell, and in many cases, hot water bottles are not suitable for children to use.

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