What are the materials of the hot water bottle?
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The hot water bottle is a heating artifact that many friends will use in winter. After the hot water bottle is filled with hot water, it can bring the effect of keeping warm. When you buy a hot water bottle, you not only need to look at the manufacturer of the hot water bottle, but also to understand the material used for the hot water bottle. There are many materials for the hot water bottle on the market, which makes many friends dazzled. .

There are many materials for hot water bags, commonly used are: PVC, rubber, silicone, other

Why not be afraid of scalding, because the melting point of the above materials is 100 degrees higher than the boiling point of water, so it is safe under hot water, but the materials will also age at high temperatures, so we need to replace the hot water bottle after a certain number of years of use.

At present, the hot water bottle on the market is relatively:

1. Rubber is the easiest to age. Generally, it will harden in about 2 years, and it has peculiar smell. Now it has basically been eliminated.

2. PVC, the most commonly used hot water bag material at present, has advantages: durable, small odor, so the mainstream uses this material, its characteristic is that it is slightly harder than rubber,

3. Silicone, a material with good comfort, Q bomb, small odor, high safety, and higher temperature resistance. The disadvantage is that its tension is small, it is easy to tear, and the price is expensive, so it is not suitable for large size. The hot water bottle is basically small at present.

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