PVC hot water bottle service life
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There are many people using an electric water bag in winter. The hot water bottle can make people feel a lot warmer, and to a certain extent, it can effectively protect the cold. So, is there a life of the hot water bottle? This question is that many friends will be curious. Today, I will answer this doubt to you.

Neither the standard for the rubber hot water bottle and the PVC hot water bottle does not specify the use of the hot water bottle, but in fact, the polymer material will be aging over time temperature and causes the performance to decline. Ordinary domestic hot water bags need to be used within 3 years of production, and the hot water bottle used is no longer used the next year.

PVC hot water bottle usually checks whether the hot water bottle is damaged and damaged. The hot water bottle has been used for a long time, and you should pay attention to replacement. In addition, it is also important to choose products that pass the quality. Most domestic hot water bottle has only passed domestic testing companies certification, and the quality is uneven. Consumers should pay attention to buying a hot water bag, try to choose the hot water bag brand that has passed the international TUV quality certification, and the hot water bottle warm jacket needs to obtain the "Global Organic Textile Standard Certification".

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