Is the smell of PVC hot water bottle toxic?
Release date: [2022/7/15]  Read total of [155] times

Hot water bottle products according to the material divided into rubber hot water bag and PVC hot water bottle, is made of natural rubber, synthetic rubber and other non-toxic non-irritating materials, used for winter life heating a daily. Is the smell of hot water bottles poisonous? This is a question that troubles many friends.

Many consumers in the use of rubber or PVC hot water bottles will feel a taste, this is because in the production process of rubber hot water bags in addition to the raw material natural rubber, but also added calcium carbonate, white carbon black, sulfur, anti-aging agent, promoter, etc., more or less have some smell, in general, after a few times of use will disappear.

PVC material at room temperature will have a small amount of chlorine released, adding stabilizer and other additives, relatively stable. But when the temperature is relatively high, the decomposition of PVC will accelerate, the release of chlorine gas will increase, the stabilizer has a certain inhibitory effect, but after all, limited, general PVC temperature will soften more than 80℃, more than 110℃, will become very unstable, decomposition accelerated, 150-160℃ will melt. PVC hot water bottles are made of special process, will be a lot of stability, the release of chlorine is very little, but also relatively soft, feel good. When using, do not install boiling water, slightly cool, although hot is not bad, but the smell will focus, and will affect the service life. And with a period of time, it does not matter after the release of the unstable part, does not affect the use of.

If the taste is more acrid or after three or four times of use, the taste is still heavier, it indicates that the product additives exceed the standard or the monomer without polymerization exceeds the standard, and the volatile smell will harm the human body.

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