Hot water bag selection, PVC hot water bag manufacturers to reveal
Release date: [2022/7/18]  Read total of [66] times

The hot water bottle is an artifact that many friends will use to keep out the cold in winter. After pouring in hot water, it can bring the effect of keeping warm. If you want to choose a durable hot water bottle, you must look at the material of the hot water bottle. So which is better, PVC hot water bottle or rubber hot water bottle? Today, let the manufacturer of  PVC hot water bottle reveal the secret to you.

PVC material and rubber hot water bags actually have their own advantages. Generally, the strength of PVC hot water bags is not as strong as that of rubber hot water bags, and it is prone to explosion or water leakage after being squeezed. If it is a medical-grade PVC hot water bottle, the standard will be higher. Of course, this also has a lot to do with the production process.

Rubber hot water bags have better heat resistance than PVC hot water bags, but rubber hot water bags will have peculiar smell and strong taste, so rubber hot water bags are generally not recommended for children.

The rubber hot water bottle has better heat resistance than the  PVC hot water bottle. However, the rubber may sometimes have a strong smell. In many cases, the hot water bottle is not suitable for children. When using a hot water bottle, one of the most important problems to prevent is "low temperature burns". When using a hot water bottle, if the skin is in contact with 70°C for one minute, or the temperature near 60°C for more than 5 minutes, it may cause "low temperature burns". Low-temperature burns are related to the heat dissipation efficiency of hot water bags. According to market research statistics of the Bureau, the compliance rate of rubber hot water bags is 68.5%, and the problem of  PVC hot water bottle is more serious. The risk is significantly higher.

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