PVC hot water bottle selection skills
Release date: [2022/7/20]  Read total of [65] times

The PVC hot water bottle is very popular, so if you choose what you want to pay attention to in the choice of PVC hot water bottle, let's take a look with the PVC hot water bottle manufacturer Yuefeng.

Choosing PVC hot water bottle skills

1. Remove water prevention performance. The water leakage performance of the hot water bottle is mainly related to the thickness of the bag body, tensile strength, lid and threaded mouth. Generally, the product name, production enterprise name, address, telephone, qualified inspection report, and quality warning information will be indicated. It can judge its leakage resistance from the qualified inspection report.

2. Safety of irrigation. After all, the water injection hot water bottle is to pour hot water into the bag, so it must be safe when irrigating, and do not hot. Try to choose a large -caliber hot water bottle and splash anti -water -proof design, which can reduce the risk of burns. When the hot water is just opened, do not pour it in immediately. If you pour it in 100 ℃, you will not be damaged to the hot water bottle, so it will be poured when it cools for a while.

3. Smell. The rubber warm water bottle is mainly composed of rubber and chemical additives. The PVC material will add plasticizers in production for processing. When the temperature is high, it will emit some odors. Therefore, the hot water bottle will have a little glue smell more or less in the first use. This smell is basically gone after three or four times.

4. Insulation performance. Thermal insulation performance is closely related to the material, thickness and sealing of the hot water bottle. The cooling water bottle with PVC material is generally slower than the material of rubber, PE, biological base and other materials, so its insulation effect is naturally better; the thicker the bag body, the slower the heat emitting speed, and the more the thermal insulation effect, the more the thermal insulation effect is. it is good. Sealing depends on the bite and tightness of the lid and threaded mouth.

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