Can friends with chronic enteritis be applied with hot water bottle?
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Chronic gastroenteritis is a relatively common disease. Many people now have chronic gastroenteritis, generally related to gastroenteritis and infection, genetic and other factors. For patients with chronic gastroenteritis, the corresponding drugs can be taken to relieve treatment. It can be relieved to varying degrees with hot water bottle.

Applying the stomach with a  hot water bottle can relieve the symptoms of our stomach discomfort, especially after eating some cold food, the stomach will have pain or sourness. It can warm the stomach, so as to speed up the digestion of food in the stomach, and it can alleviate the effect of stomach pain. Also, after eating some foods that are not easy to digest, we are also prone to symptoms of stomach pain. At this time, using  hot water bottle for hot compresses can achieve analgesia and help digestion.

According to many years of clinical and scientific research experience, doctors believe that the pathological mechanism of gastrointestinal cooler has the following aspects:

① Rong blood deficiency, the stomach is lost.

② Wet resistance gas machine, warm stomach.

③ Cold cover Qingyang.

④ Blood stasis and blood obstruction, the stomach is lost.

⑤ Yang Yu is not reached, and the stomach is warm.

⑥ Physical and turbid obstruction, dying the stomach.

At the same time, it is believed that more than eight or nine of the pathogenesis of chronic gastritis or the symptoms of the symptoms of the gastric stomach is more than ten, and the confirmation of the spleen and stomach deficiency is rare. Of course, the key to grasping accurate dialectics is that "watching its pulse evidence, knowing the criminals".

In addition, according to the medical theory of the motherland, the stomach is the qi and blood, and the laws of the disease are mostly empirical. Therefore, it is applied with hot water bags, or in the case of dialectics and inaccurate. The bag is undoubtedly oiling on the fire. At the same time, research at home and abroad showed that the abdomen of 10 patients was placed in a hot water bag in an ice bag. The endoscopic examination found that the color of the gastric mucosa was white when 8 cases were placed. Prove what we mentioned above. Therefore, patients with chronic gastritis should not be applied with hot water bags, including some health care bags, and should be used under the guidance of the doctor.

Based on the physiological characteristics of the gastrointestinal and intestines, the pathological characteristics of the gastrointestinal and intestines, the pathological characteristics of the gastrointestinal and intestines, combined with many years of clinical experience, have anti -disease treatment, regulating yin and yang, righteousness and evil, nourishing yin and nourishing the stomach, clearing heat and dampness, reducing qi and blood circulation, common blood and blood circulation, common blood and promoting blood, generalization The effect of linked pain, nourishing the heart and kidney. It is suitable for gastrointestinal diseases such as chronic superficial gastritis and chronic atrophic gastritis. It has a significant effect on stomach pain, pain, fullness, stuffy, dullness, stomach, qi, loss of appetite, and burning heart.

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