Did the PVC hot water bottle put on "little clothes"?
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PVC hot water bottle, is a lot of women will use the cold artifact, especially when dysmenorrhea effect is obvious, after pouring hot water can bring warm effect, relieve menstrual pain.

PVC hot water bottle, This is once many people's memory, filled with hot water, screw the lid, and then thrown into the quilt, and so on when sleeping will feel warm and comfortable in the bed. Now almost every family has air conditioning heating, which is within sight of the previous family, especially now 80,90 after the most feeling.

You know what? In order to avoid burns, Xiaobian teaches you a little trick.

PVC hot water bottle, to prevent low temperature scald method:

1. Coat aPVC hot water bottle,,

Low-temperature scald is caused by prolonged contact with low-temperature objects that are higher than body temperature, even though the basic temperature of heating equipment is not high. Exposure to a temperature of 70 degrees for one minute can cause skin burns. When the skin is exposed to a temperature of 60 degrees for more than 5 minutes, it can also cause burns, which are called hypothermic burns. The incidence of cold scald is high in winter, accounting for about 1/3 of winter scald. Because this kind of scald OCCURS in the lower extremities of the human body, under normal circumstances, the skin and low temperature heat source contact for a short time, only cause the superficial dermis blister type scald. If the low temperature continues to act, it will gradually develop into the dermis and subcutaneous tissue burns, so we must pay attention to.

2. Some people who feel sluggish or sleep heavily, such as infants, the elderly, the paralyzed or the drunk, can easily cause local burns by pressing the part of the skin close to the hot water bottle.

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