Can PVC Hot Water Bottles Relieve Stomach Pain?
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Can PVC hot water bottles Relieve Stomach Pain?

Use a PVC hot water bottle to heat the abdomen. Due to the effect of heat therapy, the capillaries are expanded, the local blood circulation is improved, and the absorption of inflammatory mediators is conducive to the absorption of inflammatory mediators. Therefore, it is helpful to relieve and relieve abdominal pain. To slow down, especially to diagnose intestinal cramps caused by abdominal cold, abdominal heat compresses only play an auxiliary role and can temporarily relieve abdominal pain. It is necessary to clarify the cause and completely cure the abdominal pain. It is recommended to go to the hospital in time to determine the location and nature of the abdomen, whether there are incentives, accompanying symptoms, etc., and make a clear diagnosis, so as not to delay the disease.

What should I do if I have a stomach ache?

1. Diet adjustment:

The patient's stomach pain may be caused by eating too much chili, cold, spicy and irritating food, causing heartburn, so it will cause stomach pain, you can drink a glass of warm pure milk, which can form a protective film on the stomach wall, Reducing the stimulation of the stomach wall caused by spicy and irritating foods can help patients relieve the symptoms of stomach pain.

2. Massage method:

When the patient has a stomachache, they can also aim at the patient's belly button with both hands, and press slowly clockwise. It is better to make the skin slightly warm during massage, which can effectively help the patient to relieve the symptoms of stomachache.

3. Hot compress method:

Patients can use a PVC hot water bottle, which is placed on the belly button of the abdomen, which can promote local blood circulation and relieve stomach pain.

4. Drug treatment:

It is recommended that patients use medicines under the guidance of a doctor to treat stomach pains.

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