The wonderful use of PVC hot water bottle
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Rubber and PVC are polymers. However, the thermal conductivity of PVC hot water bottle is better than that of rubber hot water bag. The surface temperature of the bag body is higher after hot water is perfused, and the risk of scalding is higher than that of rubber hot water bag. So we use PVC hot water bottles, the elderly or children can put clothes on the hot water bottles or wrap them in towels.

Winter is the time forPVC hot water bottles to show their skill, but only use hot water bags as simple heating equipment, it is a bit overqualified. In fact, it has many unexpected health care uses.

1. Promote wound healing

Because warm heat can stimulate tissue regeneration, relieve pain and strengthen tissue nutrition, when warm heat is applied to wounds on the body surface, a large number of serous exudates increase, which can help to remove pathological products. Heat can dilate blood vessels, enhance vascular permeability, facilitate the excretion of tissue metabolites and absorption of nutrients, inhibit the development of inflammation, and promote its healing.

2. Relieve pain

Hold a hot pack on your knee and the pain will soon be relieved. In fact, hot compress can not only relieve joint pain, low back pain, sciatica, dysmenorrhea are effective, put the hot water bag in the local pain, 20 minutes each time, 1 ~ 2 times a day, can also relieve the pain obviously; To twist, contusion cause subcutaneous hematoma, after 24 hours of injury, hot compress with hot water bag, can promote subcutaneous congestion absorption.

3, apply back cough

Winter cold cough, with a hot water bag filled with hot water, wrapped with a thin towel, applied to the back cold, can quickly stop coughing. Hot compress on the back can dilate the blood vessels and accelerate the blood circulation in the upper respiratory tract, trachea, lung and other parts, so as to enhance the metabolism and phagocytic ability of white blood cells, and have a cough effect.

4, hypnosis

When sleeping, put the hot water bag in the back of the neck, will feel mild and comfortable, first hands fever, slowly feel warm feet, can play a hypnotic role, but also suitable for the treatment of cervical spondylosis, scapulohumeral periarthritis.

5. Adjuvant therapy

Intravenous infusion is not unobstructed, hot compress with hot water bag, can be unobstructed; Long-term coxal muscle injects penicillin and injection, muscle injects local easy to give rise to induration and companion painful red and swollen, with hot water bag hot compress affected place, can make medicine fluid absorb, prevent or eliminate induration block

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