Did PVC hot water bottle ironed one hand red how to deal with urgently?
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Winter with PVC hot water bottle heating, must pay attention to, especially just put hot water, avoid direct contact with the skin, it is easy to be scalded, when the situation at home how to deal with emergency, Xiaobian to tell you.

Hand red PVC hot water bottle can be cold water rinse, ice or medication to alleviate.

1. Cold water flushing: if the patient's skin is flushed with hot water, but there is no blister, it indicates that the degree of scalding is relatively mild and no special treatment is needed. Running cold water can be used to rinse the area repeatedly, but too much water should be avoided against the skin. The pain usually subsides automatically after a quick rinse with cold water. ,

2. Ice compress: Patients can wrap ice cubes with clean towels and apply cold compresses to local skin. Mild burns can be relieved after a period of cold compress. If the pain persists, scalding should be considered.

3. Medication: if the patient's red-hot skin burns, has a strong sense of pain, the skin surface continues to turn red or have erythema, dryness or desquamation, erythromycin ointment or scalding ointment can be applied locally to protect and reduce pain.

Patients are advised to pay attention to local hygiene, avoid infection, usually eat light food, do not eat spicy food.

So will the erythema of PVC hot water bottle scald disappear?

Can do!

As a result of being scald by PVC hot water bottle, there will be local skin erythema phenomenon, usually due to local subcutaneous capillary rupture bleeding caused by this symptom, usually need a long period of time can disappear automatically, do not worry too much. However, if the burn is more serious, you can consider the method of burn cream for external treatment, usually pay attention to protect the local skin, to prevent damage. If it leads to a wound and scarring, it is often difficult to make a full recovery. Usually in the process of hot compress, we should pay attention to the temperature, and do not last too long, otherwise it is easy to appear skin scald phenomenon. After a burn, if there is no broken wound, ice can be applied immediately to relieve pain and prevent symptoms from worsening.

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