Development of hot water bottles in recent years
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Do you know the development of the hot water bottle in recent years? Xiaobian briefly sorted it up. Tang Puzi, this is still relatively classic. It is the predecessor of the hot water bag. I think that the post -70s and post -80s friends should have seen and used it. I remember that this kind of soup was like this when I was a kid. I used this before going to bed in winter. In fact, I can still buy this kind of soup. In fact, I search for a big searches on Taobao, that is, there are no other types of hot water bags to use.

Water injection type hot water bag, this kind of hot water bag is an upgraded version of the tombo, more portable than Tombo, once also popular, in fact, now used a lot of, before the basic is rubber material, and now PVC material PVC hot water bottle, the principle is the same, completely by injection of boiling water heating.The safety is completely in the material and details of the material. It was basically rubber in the past. Well, that is, the transparent hot water bag (of course, there are opaque), and there are also silicone materials, which are relatively niche. If there is a problem with this type of hot water bottle, it is basically leaking. I think the so -called explosion should be unlikely, but leakage causes burns to be uncomfortable. Buying suggestions: Select the well -known brand water injection hot water bottle to buy. If you buy online, you can consider based on sales and evaluation. You can also see the original original of the aunt's house. If you buy offline physical stores, you can take a closer look at some details. For example, the thickness of the material, the thread of the irrigation port, and so on. As for the two materials of rubber and PVC, there is actually no tangles. The rubber material is better than the PVC material in terms of performance, and the price is cheaper than the PVC material. So now it is also very popular with girls.

Electric cakes are filled with insulation cotton. This kind of electric cake is actually not very common now. My family still does not know what meeting to attend many years ago, but it is also very easy to use. It is relatively high, you need to use a cloth bag to use, otherwise there is a risk of being burned. The principle of heating of electric cakes is also very simple. It contains heating wires, and then the heat storage material is covered with aluminum silicate fiber cotton cotton to play a role in heat preservation. After power -on heating, the heat will be slowly released and continuously released. The principle seems simple, but the hidden safety hazards are also quite large. After the electric cake is charged, it will continue to rise. It will be warm in the bed at night. It is a trivial matter if it is burned. Suggestions: Be sure to choose the electric cake produced by regular manufacturers. Although the production of small workshops is cheap, safety cannot be guaranteed. Remember to put a cloth bag when using it to avoid burns, and you should not place it on an incomplete heat -resistant object for a long time, such as sofas, quilts, tables, etc. There is also when charging, people try not to walk away, so as not to occur.

Electric heating water bottle, this type of hot water bottle is also the most used on the market, mainly because heating is very convenient. Put the power supply. After a few minutes, you can cover your hands to warm up, saving the water injection step. At present, the most electric water bottle on the market is the most dangerous in the three types of electric water bottle, electric cake, and water injection hot water bottle. The news of the explosion of electric water bag explosion is also common. Basically, this kind of news will be heard every winter. Of course The explosion is mainly for the electrode electric water bag. Other types of electric water bottle are still safer. Don't be scared to buy a hot water bag for winter! Teach you how to buy a safe and reliable hot water bag electric water bottle explosion. The consequences are very serious. If you are light, you will burn, and you will even disfigured to buy a hot water bag to spend winter! Teach you how to buy a safe and reliable hot water bag. Of course, those electric water bars that have exploded are basically unqualified products produced by some small manufacturers, and the electrode electric heating water bottle that the state ordered is banned. The electric water bag is divided into two categories: electrode and electric wire (tube) type according to the principle of heating. Among them, the electrode hot water bag was banned as early as 2010.

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