Proper way to open a PVC hot water bottle.
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Proper way to open aPVC hot water bottle.

In the south, it is hard to spend the winter warm and comfortable by yourself. The usual equipment includes long Johns, cotton slippers, gloves, earmuffs, masks and a hat that is enough to maintain body temperature. The winter wind blowing you only rely on a healthy qi is no way, need some external equipment, in addition to down jacket, sweater, electric hot water bag is a small partner's winter artifact. Whether you watch TV at home, or work in the office, you can almost see it. That's a PVC hot water bottle.

Proper way to open a PVC hot water bottle.

Medical grade PVC hot water bag and rubber hot water bag are not between that is absolutely good, each has its own advantages, each has its own disadvantages.

But the strength of PVC hot water bag is generally lower than rubber hot water bag, after extrusion will cause explosion or leakage to a large extent, but the standard of medical grade PVC will be a little higher, this production process has a certain relationship.

The filling method of PVC hot water bottle:

1. Use a water temperature meter to measure the water temperature, generally 60~70 ℃ is appropriate.

2. Fill 1/2 or 2/3 of the hot water into a hot water bottle.

3. Lay the hot water bag flat, flush out the air in the bag, tighten the plug of the hot water bag and dry it.

4. Lift the hot water bag, check whether there is water leakage (if there is no water leakage), put into the bag, tighten the sleeve mouth, put in the required part.

5. When the hot water bag is not in use, pour out the water, hang it upside down to dry, blow into the air, tighten the plug, and put it in the shade for later use.

6. Remove the cloth cover of the hot water bag, wash and dry it for later use. The company

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