How many categories of hot water bottle?
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After the autumn, the weather is getting cooler and cooler, and it is time for you to keep warm skills. The simplest and direct way to warm the heating method can be used in the hot water bottle. Do you know what categories are there in the hot water bottle?

The hot water bottle is divided into three categories: traditional hot water bottle, water storage type electric water bag and electric cake. The common thing is that they can achieve the purpose of heating.

1. The traditional hot water bag is just an empty bag made of rubber. It is usually square. There is a hot water entrance with a hot water, which is sealed with a plug. It uses the method of pouring in hot water to heating, and it is divided into rubber hot water bags and PVC hot water bags according to the material.

2. The water -stained electric water bottle is loaded into the liquid, which contains a heater and inserts the liquid in the power heating bag to achieve the purpose of heating.

3. Electric cakes, the filling is the insulation cotton, inserting the power supply can heat the moisturizing cotton inside to achieve the effect of heating.

Warm tips:

1. Be sure to choose a well -quality hot water bag, which is very important. Don't look cheap, buy poor quality. Don't buy fake and shoddy products.

2. Check whether there is a cushion in the plug head when using it and whether the ring is damaged.

3. Do not use boiling water. It is advisable to control the water temperature at 80 degrees. Children or infant water temperature is reduced in an appropriate amount.

4. Do not irrigate too much when the hot water bag is irrigated, and the maximum irrigation amount cannot exceed 2/3 of the total.

5. After irrigation, it must be drained clean, which is important. It is best to replace the hot water bottle every year.

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