Winter cold "good helper" —— Yuefeng classic Maca PVC hot water bottle
Release date: [2022/9/19]  Read total of [59] times

When the weather turns cold, many girls and the elderly like to hold one thing in their arms - a hot water bottle. The common hot water bags on the market are PVC and silicone hot water bags.

PVC is a commonly used material for hot water bags at present. PVC has the advantages of durability and less odor. The disadvantage is that it feels a little harder than silicone hot water bags. Silicone, although it is more comfortable, has a small tension and is easy to tear. Because of its high price, the market is dominated by small hot water bags, which are difficult to meet the needs of families. Moreover, the durability of silicone hot water bags will not be very long. long.

Yuefeng Classic Maca PVC hot water bottle adopts imported environmentally friendly PVC raw materials, and actively introduces advanced production technology at home and abroad. Each product is tested by air pressure to ensure product quality. Long-lasting heat preservation, explosion-proof and pressure-proof, no dripping, double-sided temperature sense, novel shape, bright color, uniform heat dissipation, providing comfortable temperature, high temperature resistance, both hot and cold compresses can be used, both hot and cold, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, sturdy and wear-resistant ,odorless. Classic Maca PVC hot water bottle is thick enough to store more heat.

While warm, it pays more attention to health. The classic Maca PVC hot water bottle has slow heat dissipation strength to continue the temperature, heating in winter, and ice compress in summer without gasket design to avoid gasket aging. It is a good product for everyone to keep warm in winter.

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