What are some common problems with hot water bottles?
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Yuefeng production of hot water bags we are professional, Changzhou Yuefeng plastic products Co., Ltd. is a collection of research and development, production, sales, construction in one of the enterprises, the company successfully operating PVC hot water bottles for 15 years. What are the common problems with hot water bottles? Today let the month to give you a simple answer to these questions.

1. Is the smell of hot water bags toxic?

Many consumers in the use of rubber or  PVC hot water bottle will feel there is a taste, this is because rubber hot water bag in the production process in addition to raw material natural rubber, also added calcium carbonate, silica, sulfur, anti-aging agent, promoter, etc., how many are some smell, in general, the use of a few times will disappear.

PVC material at room temperature will have a small amount of chlorine gas released, adding stabilizer and other additives, relatively stable. But when the temperature is relatively high, the decomposition of PVC will be accelerated, the release of chlorine will increase, stabilizer has a certain inhibitory effect, but after all, limited, PVC temperature above 80 degrees Celsius will soften, more than 110 degrees Celsius, will become very unstable, accelerated decomposition, 150-160 degrees Celsius will melt. PVC hot water bag is made of special process, will be a lot of stability, the release of chlorine gas is very little, but also relatively soft, feel good. When using, do not install boiling water, slightly cool, although hot not bad, but the smell will focus, and will affect the service life. And with a period of time, the unstable part of the release will not matter, does not affect the use of.

2. Will the hot water bottle explode?

The material strength of the hot water bag is too low, overheated with water, too much, squeezed by external forces, and the air is not discharged will lead to the hot water bag explosion. It is recommended not to just boil the boiled water in the inside, also do not give the hot water bag strong squeeze. Hot water bottles can be dangerous if used in a very cold environment where the water is too hot.

3. Does the hot water bottle have a life?

Rubber hot water bag and PVC hot water bottle standard do not stipulate the service life of hot water bag, but in fact the polymer material will be aging with the change of time and temperature, leading to the decline of performance.

4, the surface has the pattern of the hot water bag?

At present, the hot water bags sold on the market are divided into two kinds of smooth surface and surface with patterns. The risk monitoring heat dissipation efficiency test results show that the hot water bags with patterns on the surface have poor heat dissipation effect and are not easy to cause skin scald after use. A hot water bottle with a patterned surface is recommended.

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