Why ice for sprains?
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Why do you choose ice for sprains? Wouldn't it be better and quicker to apply a warm compress to relax the muscles and stimulate the blood? This is our daily life thinking misunderstanding.

Hot compress is relaxing tendons, but just injured group is bleeding (not damaged skin, bleeding from the broken capillaries within organizations is bleeding, and sometimes the problem more serious), if this time again with hot apply, a promote blood circulation, the blood is more, the damage is increased.

1. Why does ice relieve pain?

Ice is good for swelling and pain. When the local soft tissue injury or fracture and other external injuries, in urgent

Within 24 to 48 hours of sex, it is usually recommended to elevate the affected limb and apply ice to relieve swelling and pain. Ice can be applied with ice packs or ice cubes, and a dry towel over bread can be applied to the affected area to avoid frostbite. Ice needs to be spaced out, and attention should be paid to local skin protection when ice failure occurs. After 48 hours, the ice can be stopped, and during the acute phase the ice has a better effect on the swelling and pain of the injury. Ice is good for pain relief, but it is more effective in reducing swelling. Through ice compress to stimulate blood vessel contraction faster, reduce skin reddening, swelling on ice compress, but also because of ice compress can prevent further bleeding, blood essels to prevent the circulation of the blood circulation, swelling level solution after slowly, the pain began to ease, so for sprains, swelling and pain caused by the problems such as ice compress particularly effective.

Two, under what circumstances is not suitable for ice?

Although the role of ice compress is very strong, but not all cases can be ice compress, such as pain, swelling is because of the acupuncture treatment can't ice compress, organized large area skin damaged and not suitable for ice, etc are not suitable for patients with chronic inflammation of the skin infections ice compress, ears weak place such as scrotal doesn't suit ice compress, etc.

To sum up, the local cold compress, can promote local capillary contraction, reduce local swelling and pain phenomenon. Generally 24 hours after the injury is ice can play a swelling, pain relief effect, but after 24 hours is no longer suitable for ice, if ice at this time will lead to congestion can not be dispersed, treatment time will be therefore prolonged.

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