Life tip | electric hot water bag the filling the drum if there is any danger?
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There are PVC hot water bags and electric hot water bottles in life. Nowadays, many young people choose electric hot water bags for convenience, but many people encounter the problem of hot water bags bulging when using charging hot water bags. Is it dangerous to charge hot water bags bulging? Charging water bag more fill more drum how to do? Today, Yuefeng will give you a simple analysis.

Electric hot water bag more filled more drum is dangerous?

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Generally speaking, the hot water bottle will bulge a little when charging, but if the drum is too big, we should not use it. It is easy to cause accidents, such as explosion. I suggest you buy another one. After all, it's not very expensive.

Charging water bag more fill more drum how to do?

Charging water bag will flatulent for a long time, generally lasting about 10 days will flatulent. Gas will affect the overall temperature of the hand stove, and the temperature is not as high as before. After heating the hot water bag until the power is turned off, press the water injection hole with your hand, lift the water injection bag appropriately, dig out the water injection plug, slowly squeeze the bag body, discharge the gas inside, and then tighten the water injection plug. Exhaust must pay attention to, do not let the internal liquid out, be careful not to be burned.

Hot water bottle after charging very drum can be used?

The hot water bottle is bulging after charging mostly because of the gas inside. The electric hot water bottle has a water hole, which is also a vent. Slowly dig out the hole plug (usually the hole plug should be tightened) to allow air to escape when the temperature of the heating bag is not high. When deflating, you can lift the warm bag and gently squeeze it until the air is released.

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