Is PVC hot water bottle suitable for direct injection into boiling water?
Release date: [2022/11/14]  Read total of [52] times

Hot water bag is very common in life, mainly divided into two categories: charging type and filling type, and  PVC hot water bottle is popular among people because of its convenience to carry and high cost performance, but many people do not know how to fill water when using PVC hot water bottle, then PVC hot water bottle can put the water just boiled? How many degrees of boiling water can PVC hot water bag hold?

Although the hot water bag can also hold water, but Xiaobian does not recommend that you do so, for two reasons,

First, too hot water will make the hot water bottle smell too much

Two, is too hot water is easy to make hot water bottle aging, so in order to prevent PVC early aging, it is best not to keep the water at just boiling state. You can just add 100 degrees of hot water, don't overdo it, and squeeze the heat out when you screw on the lid.

The number of degrees of hot water in PVC hot water bottle mainly depends on the people it is used by. Usually, when some patients use hot water bag, in theory, it is not more than 45 degrees, preferably 40-45. High may cause burns, low has no effect, the average person with hot water bag water temperature of 40 to 50 degrees, heat therapy water temperature of 60 to 70 degrees.

As we all know, the temperature in the hot water bag can not be too high, most of them are around 80-90, and when using the hot water bag, the water can not be filled too full, not more than two-thirds of its rated capacity, at the same time, after filling the water to discharge the air in the bag and check the sealing of the plug.

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