After the tooth extraction, can you apply a hot water bottle to your face?
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The swelling of the face after tooth extraction will generally be reduced by ice and hot compress and pain relief, the first two days of ice, after two days you can use hot water bag or hot towel hot compress, to help the recovery of the wound. Do you know if you can use a hot water bag to apply warm compress to the tooth after extraction?

After tooth extraction, you can use a hot water bag for hot compress. Note that you can use a hot water bag for hot compress on the third day after tooth extraction.

Three to five days after tooth extraction, the clotting function of the wound was basically completed, and most of the wounds healed well. It is necessary to provide more blood to the socket in order for the socket in the mouth to heal faster. In this case, a warm compress is needed. Hot compresses increase blood flow, increase metabolism, and bring more nutrients to the mouth.

A cold compress can reduce local swelling and pain within a day of the extraction. After three days, however, you may choose to reduce the pain by applying a hot compress, which may cause bleeding early on. The hot compress lasts for 15 to 20 minutes to reduce local swelling. Depending on the patient's condition, you can visit a nearby clinic or hospital and ask for a doctor's examination and advice.

How to reduce swelling after tooth extraction:

Generally, the first two days are filled with cold towels or cold hot water bags, and the last two days are filled with hot towels or hot water bags.

In the first 24 hours of swelling, apply a cold compress and ice to your face. After 48 hours, if the swelling has not subsided, you need to replace the hot compress, which can be applied with a hot towel.

After tooth extraction, the face is swollen, mainly due to hematoma or infection. Anti-inflammatory and symptomatic treatment should be timely, oral anti-inflammatory drugs or intravenous fluids, and local hot compress. Apply a hot towel, hot water bottle or other auxiliary device to the swollen facial skin. After each hot compress for half an hour, rest for 10 minutes and then continue with the hot compress. This is repeated. In general, facial swelling can be fully recovered within a week. If the condition does not improve and continues to worsen and the pain is severe, it is recommended to see a doctor at the hospital immediately. The doctor needs to cut and drain the local swelling under local anesthesia and use adjuvant drugs to reduce inflammation and pain.

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